Which type of carpet should you buy?

Buying carpeting for your home can be a challenging experience unless you know what you are looking for in flooring. It offers many benefits and something for everyone if you know what you want. Here are four of the types of carpet, in terms of fibers, that you can find in our showroom.

Nylon carpet

Nylon is the most popular type of flooring in the market. It holds up well to high traffic and heavy footwork because it is very durable. It is less likely to mat down over time from traffic and can be found in various colors and patterns to suit the eye. It is considered the all-around best performer of this soft surface.

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Polyester carpet

Polyester is trendy and is exceptionally stain-resistant to fluids. Like nylon, it holds up well to heavy traffic. It also has a vast plethora of colors that go with any style that you like. Polyester is highly resistant to fading, so it is very well suited for rooms with high daylight exposure. Polyester is also considered the more affordable type of flooring with less expensive cost.

Triexta carpet

Triexta is the new kid on the playground. It is the latest fiber in the marketplace. It is more durable than nylon and yet more stain-resistant than polyester. It is considered the best of both worlds in the carpet types. It is a cost competitor with nylon and polyester.
Luxury carpet in Denver, NC from Westlake Flooring

Wool carpet

Wool is an all-natural fiber since it comes from sheep. It is considered the green alternative to synthetic fibers. Wool has a deep look and feels that it is hard to match; it has a natural stain resistance and cleans well. Wool has excellent resilience and holds up well over time.

Other factors in your decision

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is, of course, "What do I need?" Follow this question with another question, “How do I live?” Ask yourself if you have an active lifestyle or one more laid back. Where is this flooring going in the house? Bedrooms? Hallways? Living room? Are those high-traffic areas? Are those areas prone to stains? Questions like these can help you settle on an appropriate fiber. Then move onto the style and color of your carpet.

Maintaining this flooring consists of daily vacuuming, spot cleaning, and professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months for average traffic levels. More often if there is heavier traffic, and less if there is little to no traffic. Your floors should look great with consistent cleaning.

Don’t forget to ask about hypoallergenic fibers that can minimize the danger that comes from pets, pollen, and dust. Much of your flooring can help you with clean air with minimal effort. Thus, even allergy sufferers can enjoy the floor covering without being affected by the air quality.

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