Luxury vinyl flooring is a high quality product

Do you want a high-quality floor? Then luxury vinyl is what you are looking for. This easy-to-clean product is pet-proof, child-proof, and spill-proof. It repels stains, water, and scratches. It looks great in either format (planks LVP or tiles LVT). Vinyl plank flooring usually resembles wood, and the tiles resemble stonework or ceramic.

Multi-layer composition

Printing and Texturing technologies of today have yielded a multi-layer product that has several benefits. This vinyl is composed of several layers that are pressed together. The top layer is a protective coating over the design layer. Some manufacturers even put additional wear and tear layer on the top layer to prolong the life of the LVP. Most LVP and LVT are 8 millimeters thick. But you can opt for 20 millimeters to extend the life of the material. It also has a core layer and backing layer that resists dents, scratches, and moisture.

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Waterproof flooring capabilities

Luxury vinyl flooring is made up of either a plastic wood composite material or a plastic stone composite material. Both wood and stone mimic the material they look like and how it feels underfoot. However, the wood composite material has a foaming material added to it, so it feels slightly more comfortable. Both wood and stone core composites can be exposed to water and liquid for an extended period without any change in the material. This means that it won't swell, expand, or sustain any damage from water, and the lifetime of the vinyl is not harmed.

Modern looks in flooring

The pictures that are on luxury vinyl flooring are three-dimensional. You can see the exquisite detail in these pictures inspired by stone, tile, ceramics, and wood. Swirls, grains, and knots are on display, as are the brilliant colors and patterns. The flooring is micro-beveled and deeply embossed to give it an aged look.

Installation of LVP or LVT can be simple, with no attachment to a sub-floor. It would be installed as a floating floor. The planks and tiles can be clicked together like a jigsaw puzzle with ease. Padding, which can be put on the sub-floor, can add noise reduction and provide cushioning. If moisture is present, a vapor barrier can be put down as well. Glue-down flooring is also available.

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