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No one can argue with what a wood floor does to a room. The style, the grain, the color all add to give the room a specific look and feel that you are looking for. However, laminate can provide you all of those benefits without hindering your budget with a more affordable price tag and less environmental impact on your room.

A floating floor

This flooring is installed on a subfloor in your home, so it "sits" or "floats" on the subflooring. Moisture barriers are a part of the installation in basements and other below-grade rooms with more moisture exposure than usual. This has the added benefit of keeping the space dry. As this flooring sits on your subflooring, it is flexible enough to pick all of it back up when you are ready for a change in the room.

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Flooring durability

Laminate has an excellent track record of being durable; be it band practice, martial arts training, or the two-step, it can resist what you do. Little feet, tiny paws, little claws, children, and pets won't affect this flooring's durability. It can hold up to the heaviest of traffic, with warranties for 15, 20, or even 30 years! They are also highly resistant to water. So, you can place it in your kitchens and bathrooms. Once they've been installed, heavy spills will do no damage to the flooring if cleaned up properly.

Attractive floors

Laminate comes in a wide variety of styles and patterns and can look like tile, hardwood, or stone. This variety should give you many options for your kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, and other rooms to get just the look you want. You will be able to rest comfortably and with peace of mind, knowing that all rooms, despite the differences in looks in styles and colors, share the same water resistance and durability. You can use area rugs, floor mats, or runners to trap dirt and also liven up the room, making a soft spot for the kids and Fido to land on. Clean up is very easy. Using a broom or vacuum, with a light mopping, and you have clean floors.
Laminate flooring in Denver, NC from Westlake Flooring

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